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Dog commands in korean

I bought a purebred hound mix as a pet and a friend suggested it could be taught a few basic commands like sit, stay and heel. I found out that the dog
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Just for fun

Meet Adam Sandler's Tough-Talking Sidekick in 'Little Nicky'

Adam Sandler is the closest thing to a sure bet you can find in Hollywood. His last two movies - The Waterboy and Big Daddy - both grossed more than $160 million, establishing the former Saturday Night Live standout as one of the most bankable comics in the business. The money train is expected to keep rolling when his latest movie, Little Nicky , arrives in theaters Nov.
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Vet qa parent

What can I use to help my dog's itching?

Our question this week was: My dog (5-years-old) scratches herself all the time (leaving bad sores). Nothing works but cortisone cream (over the counter), which I don't like to use too often. I've tried many lotions after the bath and between. We use cortisone shampoo from the vet and it still doesn't help much.
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