Smoke maine coon cat

Smoke maine coon cat

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Coon cat breed

Coon cat is the second recognized cat breed in the world, the first being Persians. It is considered to be an independent breed, not a mix or a hybrid, although it does look like a mix of domestic short hair cats and of feral cats. The history of the Coon cat goes back thousands of years, it’s been mentioned in Greek and Roman literature. The word coon is now archaic and refers to a hybrid dog and cat.


The Coon cat was originally a feral cat breed found throughout the US. These cats were brought to England by the British settlers and have since bred with British breeds to create modern Coon cats. The American variety began to be recognized in 1938 and was granted full registration in 1939. The Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) has been the main cat-show governing body of the US since 1963. The history of the CFA and the founding of the breeds is shown below.

The American Coon Cat

Although no one knows the exact origin of the Coon cat, it was first mentioned in the literature and paintings of ancient Greece and Rome. The Greeks and Romans believed that some of the feral cats they found around their settlements, and which were referred to as “screeching cats” or “shrieking cats”, came from Ethiopia and were descendants of the “black panther”. It is thought that during the Roman Empire, the cat population was large enough to allow some to be sold as farm animals. Cats that had been left alone to hunt small game were used to defend the city gates and would bite any intruder.

The cat’s name Coon was derived from the name of a hybrid with a coonhound in the US, it was an American variety of cat that was bred to a dog, and this is thought to be why the Coon cats look so similar to a dog. It is reported that the American Coon cats were called “savage” cats because they used to prey on small birds, which would be a form of hunting by the “black panther”.

Coat color

The coat color is extremely dark, which is typical of the African variety. The coat color is said to have been named after the “screeching” of African felines as they hunt in the wild. The color may vary from chocolate brown to almost black in color. The white markings are very white and may appear to be white, although their texture can be more like a lighter creamy brown. The white marking usually appear in the head, forelegs, chest, belly, underside of the body, and inside the legs. On males, the area of the neck may be white. On females, it may be only the tail that is white.

Head size and shape

Although there is no information on the size of the cat, according to information given in the book Cats for Dummies by the American Cat Association (2013), the head is wide, with eyes that are large and full of color. Their eyes may have a slight tilt, as if they are slightly squinted. The nose is black and the pupils have a black ring. Their ears are oval shaped, with no visible points on their top. The mouth is very large and wide, and their teeth are sharp. Their lips are thick, which makes them appear as if they have a big jaw, although their jaws are actually not that large.

Size and build

The size of these cats varies greatly. The length is estimated to be between 15 and 18 inches, although it is said that they can be as big as 21 inches. The shoulder height is between 8 and 10 inches, and the hind leg length is between 10 and 11 inches. Weight is between 4 and 5.5 kg.

Health problems

According to this cat guide, the only known health problem that this cat has is eye diseases. The eyes may have an abnormal growth of tissue, or their eyes may not be centered or they may be crossed. Another potential problem is that they may have dry eyes. However, this condition is not very common in cats.


Kittens will be born in spring, and the birth process will take place during the night. Although it is not fully known when these cats mate, cats are said to have both a male and female sexual organ. During mating, the vagina of the female cat will get dilated and she will have her kittens around 2 to 3 weeks later. She will produce anywhere from one to 12 kittens. After a few weeks, the kittens will be playing around and exploring.

Maintaining your cat

To maintain a healthy cat, the first thing to do is to give them food that they can tolerate. Then, ensure they are healthy with regular checkups.

If you are thinking about acquiring a kitten, then you should first know if you are prepared to take care of them when they are very young and not yet fully grown. Be sure you have the necessary love and knowledge to take care of them.

If you think you are prepared to take care of this pet, here is a list of things to consider.

1. Consider the amount of space you have in your home. Cats require a lot of room to do the things that they like to do.

2. Consider if your cat likes to hide away. This is true for some cats, and others do like to be in the spotlight. If this is your cat’s preference, then you should have a place in your home for them to sleep.

3. Make sure you are prepared to pay attention to the health of your cat. This is very important as they cannot tell you if they are sick or not. Your cat will only tell you if they are sick.

There is a chance that you might have more than one cat at your house. This means that you need to consider the different needs of each cat in your home.

If you have multiple cats, you need to ensure they are getting their necessary needs fulfilled. This means you will need to consider a separate spot for each cat.

It is important to note that the health of your cat is dependent on the health of your cat. Make sure you are paying attention to their food and their water.

Make sure you are always looking at their well-being, as you will want them to live long and healthy lives.

It is important to consider the age of your cat when planning for their future. Make sure you plan for them to stay in your home as they will get older and the chances are they will need care as they get older.

Cats of all ages need some level of socialization. This is one of the reasons why you need to socialize your cat to new places.

They need to get out of their home and learn to make new friends. If you are going to let them out of the house, make sure you have some kind of safety measures in place.

There is no reason why you cannot enjoy a cat in your home. The needs of a cat are more about their comfort level than you might think.

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