What shots do dogs need to be boarded

What shots do dogs need to be boarded

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What shots do dogs need to be boarded?

Dogs are boarded either to be in a home or to be at a veterinary hospital. Boarding a dog can be a stressful and complicated experience. To help your dog stay happy and comfortable during their stay, it is important to understand which shots your dog needs to be boarded. We offer a comprehensive list of dogs shots.

The most common reason dogs get boarded is for medical treatment. A boarded dog gets to stay under the care of a licensed veterinarian at a veterinary hospital. In addition to shots and treatments, they may get physical exams, treatments for eye infections, ear infections, urinary tract infections, tooth care and many more.

Other reasons your dog might be boarded include:

Behavior problems that need to be fixed in a more controlled setting such as when they are off-leash at a dog park.

Your dog gets sick and needs to be isolated from other dogs.

Boarding during the hot summer months when your dog needs to cool off.

Boarding when a veterinarian needs to examine your dog while he is asleep.

Boarding when a veterinarian wants to keep your dog safe while your dog is away from you.

Boarding when your dog is older, especially when a dog is older and needs special care and medication.

Boarding while your dog is being adopted.

Boarding while your dog is getting new socialization and trning, or when your dog needs to be at a daycare.

Boarding while your dog is getting new vaccines.

Boarding while you are away on vacation.

There are some dogs that are unable to be boarded. The most common is the sight-impred, as their ability to handle a change in environment is limited. Other conditions that restrict boarding include:

Dogs that are deaf, blind or have bad balance.

Dogs that are ill or are on medication that affects their behavior.

Dogs that are pregnant or who are birthing.

Dogs that are aggressive.

Allergies or sensitivities to food or medication.

Some dogs just have an issue being away from home, so you might want to look into finding a boarding kennel that can accommodate your dog’s personality or temperament.

You can also check with your veterinarian or boarding facility to find a boarding kennel near you.

How much do Boarding Kennels Cost?

You can expect to pay between $25 and $50 per night to have your dog boarded. More commonly, boarding kennels charge between $25 to $35 per night.

This cost may include:

A clean, safe area for your dog

Towels, beds and blankets

Bath time and brushing (some kennels require that your dog gets baths before and after boarding)

Grooming and veterinary care for your dog if needed (for example, if your dog is an overweight senior, boarding kennels will usually provide a calorie-restricted diet for your dog)

What if your dog has a serious medical issue?

The number of hours that your dog is boarded is a good indicator of the size and expertise of the boarding kennel, so your dog is likely to be well taken care of.

If your dog is an emergency, call your veterinarian or a local veterinary clinic in your area.

Should I Pay Online?

Some boarding kennels and daycare centers will allow you to pay online. It is best to avoid going to the kennel or daycare center for your payment as they are more apt to take the payment if it’s convenient for them. The downside to paying online is that it may delay your dog’s arrival or increase his/her stress level when you arrive to pick up your dog.

Other payment options include credit cards, cash and bank wires. Please do not choose a kennel or daycare facility that asks you for a deposit or to sign a contract.

How do you know if your kennel or daycare facility is safe?

The following things are sure signs that your kennel or daycare facility is a safe choice:

It’s accredited and you are given the proper documentation and detls about how they treat your dog

Your dog is well taken care of, the facilities are clean and he is happy

There are several different kennel and daycare facilities listed in the resources listed below. These facilities are all accredited with the ASPCA and can be trusted.

Have you used a boarding kennel? Let us know in the comments!

Click here to visit our ASPCA SafeRide Network and learn more about dog transport options.