Ben's chili dogs

Ben's chili dogs

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Ben's chili dogs, that is." "No, a little farther out." "Thank you." "Hello, everyone." "I'm the assistant manager here, and I've been asked to say a few words before we begin our meal." "I don't mean to sound cold, but this is my restaurant, my restaurant staff, and we're about to serve an exceptional, delicious meal." "I'd like to start by saying a few words about the chef de cuisine, Ben Stone." "Thank you, Sam." "Well, thanks for inviting me here, Sammy." "Yeah, me too." "Oh, I just love those chili dogs." "Uh-huh." "No, of course not." "No, of course not." "Of course, I would." "Thank you." "You're welcome." "So, let's eat." "I'm starving." "Excuse me." "No, no, I got it." "Okay." "Mmm!" "Oh!" "Oh, my God." "Oh, my God." "I like him." "I really like him." "I like him a lot." "Me too." "Hey." "Thank you so much for inviting us to your table." "Oh, you're welcome." "It's our pleasure." "Mmm." "It's funny, when you say it that way," "I do feel like my heart's going a little bit." "Oh, my God." "Thank you so much for inviting us to your table." "It's our pleasure." "It's not our pleasure, it's Ben's pleasure, okay?" "No." "I'm making an effort here." "And I'm making an effort by smiling and looking nice." "I just wanted to apologize." "I think I'm just really hungry." "Yeah, you're hungry." "Yeah." "We were too." "That was the first thing I saw when I walked in the restaurant, so I was just going for it." "Mmm." "So, what's the best way to cook these tomatoes?" "Sauté them?" "Crispy?" "Oh, yeah." "Yeah." "Yes, yes, yes, yes." "Okay." "I think I've got one of those faces that screams "crispy."" "Mmm." "That's it." "Mmm." "I love it." "Mmm." "Oh!" "Mmm." "Mmm!" "Okay." "Here we go." "Oh, boy." "There you go." "I need a fork." "This looks like I'm eating a taco." "Yeah." "It looks like I'm chewing a taco, doesn't it?" "Yes." "Oh, my gosh!" "You are hungry, aren't you?" "So much." "All right, let's get started." "What do you mean?" "Oh, the pasta." "Oh." "What are you doing with the pot?" "Let's make it over here." "It smells really good." "There we go." "I'm nervous because the water just feels really cold on the stove, and, like, there's a lot of things that can go wrong, but I think, so far, so good." "I'm a little nervous to see if these tomatoes are all good." "One more." "I'm gonna let you have it." "I know you're nervous about those tomatoes." "I don't know if I'm gonna be able to eat it or not." "Are you ready?" "Yes." "Put it up there." "Good." "Okay, they look like sautéed tomatoes." "Okay." "They have a light, creamy taste." "Oh, my God, it's really good." "Really good." "I like it." "It's so creamy and the texture." "I love how it's a little bit spicy." "Okay, I'm gonna put a little bit more of that liquid nitrogen." "If you're not familiar with the technique, this might make things really weird, but we're gonna see what happens." "Are you ready?" "Yes." "Okay." "Oh, my God." "It looks like I'm chewing a taco, doesn't it?" "Yes." "That's a great one." "That's a good one." "You got that on camera?" " Yes, I did." " That's great." "I can't believe it." "That's so good." "I ate it." "Okay, that looks good." "How do you feel?" "Good." "I'm good." "All right, let's get back to work." "So, I'm just gonna turn the water on again, and I'm gonna do the same thing." "My hand's hurting, but I think this is gonna be good." "How does it look?" "I have to give you a thumbs-up, as the cameraman, because if you didn't have a taste, you'd know exactly what that was." "It's so good." "It's like a really good pasta, tomato-based dish." "There you go." "Oh, my God." "That's so good." "Really, it's good." "Wow." "It's just such an explosion of flavor in my mouth." "That's a really good one." "I don't know what I'd do if I couldn't eat." "It is so good." "I don't know what I'd do." "Oh, my God." "How is it?" "It is so good." "My mouth is actually watering just thinking about it." "This is the best thing ever." "And it's so delicious." "What is this?" "Caviar." "Sardine." "Sardine." "That is disgusting." "It's okay." "It is not okay." "What is wrong with you, man?" "I didn't eat that." "Oh, my God." "This is, like, some sort of fish." "It is..." "It's fish eggs, you guys." "Don't worry, man." "It's okay." "It's good." "All right." "This is gonna get worse before it gets better." "Let's do another one." "We did so well." "The best is yet to come." "Let's eat!" "Ooh, that smells delicious." "Oh, my God." "Look at all this." "Oh, my God." "Who eats this?" "Like, for example, if I was on a desert island and I could only have one food," "I would have to eat that." "Oh, my God." "It's like the first bite of heaven." "Mmm, ooh!" "This is the best thing ever." "What is that?" "It's not bad." "It is bad." "Well, what is it?" "I have no idea." "Ooh." "So good." "What is it?" "It's a hot sauce." "What?" "You're making hot sauce?" "Yeah." "What the hell?" "I don't need to know what I'm doing with hot sauce." "You are a true chef." "Oh, my God." "This is delicious." "Oh, my God." "I'm so full, but I want to eat more." "Like, that was the best thing ever." "So good." "We definitely needed that." "Mmm, I want that one." "That one?" "All right." "That one." "I don't want to eat, but I just have to." "Mmm." "Oh, that's so good

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